Brazil's Poor and Recycling

Even though Brazil is still under the regime of the neo-marxist Lula Da Silva, there are some good signs of Distributism breaking through the Socialist prison. This report from the Brazil-Arab New Agency tells of how small companies, cooperatives and ordinary people are creating jobs by garbage recycling.

According to the report by Debora Rubin, there are 500,000 recyclable garbage collectors in the former Empire of Brazil. Many are employed in cooperatives that help generate income for the poor via recycling. Recycling brings in US$ 3 billion yearly to Brazil, and 50% of daily trash in that country is now recycled.

With the national government keeping their hands - for the most part - off the daily operations of the recyclers and their co-ops, this can only further Brazil's movement toward Distributism. Now let them continue to apply this to other sectors of their economy and their government, as well as get rid of both Socialist and multinational conglomerate influence in their land.

Congratulations to Brazil on such efforts so far.


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