Sad Day For Venezuela

As reported by the London Independent, the neo-Marxist Hugo Chavez has won another term as president of Venezuela. To thousands of his supporters, this friend of Cuba's ailing dictator Castro declared:

"No one should fear socialism," Chavez proclaimed. "Socialism is human. Socialism is love."

"Socialism is love,"
Senor Chavez? Really? Tell that to those suffering in the prison camps of Red China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and so on. Tell that to those in the European Union - so-called - being squeezed by overegulation. Tell that to those one hundred million who died at the hands of the Red dictators from Lenin to Mao.

Or go all the way back to the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror under Robespierre. What a flowering of Socialism that was.

If this is "love", indifference is looking better with every moment.

Latin America continues to go Red with Lula DaSilva's re-election in Brazil, and fellow Socialists winning in Bolivia and Ecuador. This can only bring much misery to Latinoamericanos.

Along with the Fatima Consecration, South America can only be freed from the Capitalist/Socialist dilemna by learning and implementing Distributism. Nothing else will work.


M.Z. Thursday, December 7, 2006 at 10:57:00 AM CST  

I'm not sure it is proper to construe Chavez's embrace of socialism with the of Communists. The redding of South America so to speak is more a product of trying to ensure the benefits of global business conducted in SA is accrued to the people of SA. It has been brought about by the massive corruption and exploitation done by foreign multinationals. It is difficult to point to a single SA country that has seen its populace prosper over the past 20 years due to these multinationals establishing shop in these countries. While in the past, socialist movements tended to blossum under corrupt oligaricheries, in SA we are witnessing it do so under expoloitive multinationals.

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