Delhi Poor Form Housing Co-ops

This report, dated December 7th, comes to us from the newspaper Express India.

Poor people dwelling in 41 slum areas in India's capital will be able to buy their own buildings as members of four joint-owned cooperatives. These co-ops will be run by the Delhi city government, co-op members and local land agencies. Since land is at a premium, it was decided to build high-rise apartments for the poor rather than parcel out land to them after the slums were torn down.

It is expected that this effort will help over 15,000 families.

India, as well as many other Third World nations, are leading the way in implementing Distributist principles to reduce destitution and poverty. The former slum dwellers get to own their own buildings, maintain them and raise their families -- all with minimal big government and big business inteference.

Many such efforts increase and flourish.


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