Ukraine Torn Between Two 'Empires'

This article, along with a collection of links, is from the controversial news and analysis website Prison

The introduction and links relate to the current tempest flaring up in Ukraine. Two candidates - one backed by the so-called "former KGB" head of Russia, Vladimir Putin, the other backed by Western big businessmen and neo-conservative think tanks - are fighting over who won their nation's elections.

In either case, both men are no prize. Neither support policies that Distributists could sign their names to. Both are tearing Ukraine apart.

Who suffers? The Ukrainian people.

What will help? Some person or group not connected to either would-be New World Order, Washington/Brussels' or Moscow's. Some person or group who would implement Distributist policies tailor-made to fit that country's needs.

For now, it is batten down the hatches for Kiev and her domains. There are thunderclouds ahead, and the seas look choppy. May God have mercy on Ukraine.


Anonymous,  Wednesday, January 5, 2005 at 12:36:00 PM CST  

As a person of Ukrainian decent I most certainly agree. Distributist-like ideals were the backbone of Ukrainian thinking ever since the days of Kieven Rus. Many Western travellers to Ukraine in the 19th century noted how Ukrainians peasents had more a sense of private property than their Russian counter-parts.

For a Ukraine free of both the NWO and Moscow!

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