Cricket and Dying Zimbabwe

This small article, written by Cathy Buckle, is from the controversial news website

This dear lady, living in the Marxist dictatorship of Zimbabwe, has been suffering with her family. Her past letters to this website's readers make for heartbreaking reading.

In her latest letter, she relates that the regime of Robert Mugabe - now over 20 years in power - has been playing tit-for-tat with England over her national cricket team. The team was to play Zimbabwe's team, many of her players persecuted for protesting the mad plans of the regime. While the bluff and bluster goes on, there is 80% unemployment, 209% inflation, and AIDS and tuberculosis run rampant. Hospitals have no money to treat patients, who have no jobs to earn money to pay for treatment.

And still, Mugabe's thugs continue in power. Neither the West nor the Sino-Russians will do anything to get rid of him and his cronies. The West because they fear the charge of racism and "re-colonization". Moscow and Beijing because they don't attack their fellow Marxists.

That sad country's fate will seem forever dark unless they find out about Distributism - with a generous helping of Divine Intervention. But with God, nothing is impossible.


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