Japan Faces Baby Crisis

This report is from the pro-leftist BBC News website, by their Tokyo correspondent Jonathan Head.

The land of the Rising Sun has one of the world's lowest birth rates, and this has the government scared. Like Russia, America, and too many nations in Europe, Japan is dealing with the effects of the Sexual Revolution. Non-marital sex, contraception, abortion and an aging population is putting strain on their social net. Combined with workplace discrimination, a economy in a decade-plus recession, and bad government policies do not give Japanese women incentive to bring new souls into the world.

Much of the blame is also on, according to Head's article, "social attitudes". Husbands are still expected to spend much of their day away from the wives in the office. Women are still expected to "stay home and breed", according to a former government official.

Japan has a long way to go to cure this malady that will, if left unchecked, shrink the nation's population by 20% by mid-century. A good dose of Chesterton and Belloc's insights, massive economic, cultural and religious change, and a strengthening of love between husbands and wives are the key to the nation's survival.

And the other countries infected by similar evils should do likewise.


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