Berlin STILL Hasn't Learned!

This very disturbing report comes from the controversial news website

During World War One, Chesterton wrote many words condemning Germany's attacks on Belgium and France. He was one of the few in England during the inter-war years that warned of the rise of Hitler and Naziism. Though he died in 1936, he saw what was coming down the pike for Germany and Europe.

And though he died in 1953, Belloc lived through the Berlin Blockade, and the early years of Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe.

Were they alive today, they would condemn Europe's absorbtion into the EU, as well as news like this coming from the land of Beethoven. For it seems that the German government has not learned - or has refused to learn - the lessons of their recent past about the perils of expanding government power where it doesn't belong.

In the report by Michael James out of Frankfurt, the government ruled on October 8th that they will tax private personal computers that are deemed to be "Internet-capable".

They would be the first nation on Earth to do so. All households must do so before March 31, 2005, or face either crippling fines, prison time or both. The excuse for doing this is "expansion of the television and radio public services fee."

Germany's Federal Minister of culture, as James continues in his report, also wants to tax Internet-capable mobile phones.

And this is even worse. Under current German law, every privately owned television, video recorder, DVD player, radio, car radio and radio alarm clock must be registered with the government. Even if they are broken.

Or else, it's fines or jail. Or worse.

What to do? In my opinion, this is a good time to flood the Bundestag with continual protests until this tax is eliminated, as well as this odious law demanding registration of TVs and such be repealed. And never made law again in any form, under any circumstances.

And keep this campaign up until victory is won, even if it takes decades of effort! No surrender to such evil, Marxist/Fascist laws like this from the German government.

Berlin, Berlin, have you STILL not learned?


Anonymous,  Wednesday, October 13, 2004 at 4:41:00 PM CDT  

I'm afraid Germany isn't the first nation on Earth to do this. According to the article, the tax is only payable if the household "unless they are already complying with the full GEZ tax for a registered television and radio."

This is exactly the same as the situation that already exists with the television licence fee in the UK (except that there is no licence fee payable for a radio in the UK, as there apparently is in Germany).

In the UK, if you have a television, you pay an annual licence fee. And if you don't have a TV but do have a net connection with a computer capable of receiving BBC streaming video, then you also are liable to the license fee.



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