In Bhutan, Happiness is King

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal (10/13/2004 pg. A14) has an article about Tashi Wangyal who chucked his beautiful girlfriend and an attractive job offer in London to go back to his native Bhutan. I don't think it is too unusual for someone to go back home to his native country but what is so unusual is that the King of Bhutan has thrown out the usual measures of progress, instead using an model which he calls "gross national happiness" which has many people taking note. One of the biggest barriers to distributism is the constant drumbeat that every countries economic well-being is tied to its GDP growth rate. While many economic systems (including distributism) claim to produce a better GDP over the long-run, distributism comes out much better in any system which involving quality of life. Here are some more articles about GNH here and a travel article here .


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