Iceland: Small is Beautiful...and Rich!

This report comes from the British magazine The Spectator, via the libertarian website Lew

It reports on how Icelanders are buying a lot of houses and into businesses in the UK. With an economic policy labeled "Thatcherite" by writer Daniel Hannan - alas, not a Distributist policy - and a foreign policy keeping it out of the European Union, Icelanders have become tycoons. They have the highest life expectancy of any nation in the world. Hannan hopes that such an Iceland may always remain.

But it won't if Iceland gets any further into the EU or remains in the UN. It is doing well, but can do better if she becomes a Distributist and pro-family state.

Readers of this blog in Iceland, please supply us with any further information to correct our analysis if it is wrong. And thank you.


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