Chavez Shows His True Colors...RED!

This report, dated January 10th, comes from Ian James of the pro-globalist Associated Press and posted on Yahoo News.

On the day of his inauguration, Hugo Chavez claims that Socialism alone would led Venezuela towards a bright future. Past examples of it’s failure mean nothing to him and his followers. During his speech, he blasphemed Christ the Savior by calling Him “the greatest socialist in history.” He later went to Managua, Nicaragua’s capital, where fellow neo-Marxist and former dictator Daniel Ortega began his term as president.

Fellow socialist heads of state Rafael Correa of Ecuador and Evo Morales of Bolivia were also on hand, as was a representative of the Castro tyranny in Cuba.

Venezuela’s stock market plunged on news of the Chavez regime planning to nationalize electrical and telecommunications companies. He also wants to get rid of presidential term limits and pass laws by “presidential decree”, as reported by Juan Forero for the Washington Post. This seems similar to President Bush’s “signing statements” or President Clinton’s many executive orders during his term of office. As a result, many Venezuelans are selling their shares as they prepare to leave the country.

Further, the group Human Rights Watch reported that the Chavez regime has stacked their country’s courts with his allies, hampering the independence of the justice system. Also, as HRW notes, a 2004 law banning sexual and violent content on television was written too vaguely. Fears are that this ruling will be used to shut up his opponents. He has refused to renew the license of RCTV, an opposition-owned television station.

Chavez styles himself a second Simon Bolivar, but he is acting more like Castro or Mussolini. He and his allies will not bring Latin America out of their economic, political and social doldrums. But neither will the “free-trade” and pro-World State policies that both Republicans and Democrats support. Only a Distributist platform will help Venezuela and the Latino nations get back on their feet.

Which means we must, as a first step, translate more of Belloc and Chesterton’s works into Spanish, as well as pro-Distributist articles, and get them to the people quickly. Teach them there is an alternative to both Capitalism and Socialism that can be put into practice NOW. Tell them about Distributism and help them to implement it where they live. Along with the Fatima Consecration, Distributism will brighten the future of Venezuela and her neighbors south of the Rio Grande.

Do so today rather than tomorrow. Do so tomorrow rather than not at all.


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