Blogs, Websites Warn Against NAU

During the last couple of days, influential websites and blogs in the "alternative press" are warning against the schemes that North America's self-proclaimed elites are running in favor of their proposed "North American Union" (NAU).

Steve Watson and Alex Jones at Infowars put up a long article with links on how the globalist fanatics are driving America, Canada and Mexico into the ground, only slowly and in pieces so as to not rouse too much suspicion. Author Stephen Yates at NewsWithViews notes how these elites are using much of the same game plan that their European counterparts used to create the EU. Yates also points out how big businesses like Wal-Mart are behind this effort to destroy the economic and political sovereignty of all three countries.

This proposed NAU violates so many tenets of Distributism - especially "subsidiarity" - that it isn't funny. Don't let your Congressmen or Member of Parliament off the hook on this issue. Call them, write them, hound them not to agree to any proposed law promoting the NAU. Inform your neighbors about this. Show them how this directly affects them at their jobs, pocketbooks and way of life.

Never give up until this idiocy for the NAU is stopped for good.


Anonymous,  Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 9:36:00 AM CST  

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