Kidd on the National ID Card Mess

Former congressional candidate and author Devvy Kidd has done it again with another column on what Americans can do now to get their state governments out of the proposed “national ID card” scheme from Washington. It is simple, practical and workable. We at the Review urge you this week to contact your state representatives and senators, and demand they keep their governments out of the “national ID card” scheme for good. Don’t put this off.

With the US House passing it’s first bill this session, HR1, including much of the freedom-killing proposals of the 9/11 Commission Report, it is vital to stop this bill in the US Senate today. Part of that bill includes a MANDATORY BIOMETRIC NATIONAL ID CARD! These cards do not stop terrorist activity. They only allow the government to track where we are, equal to the internal passports of the old Soviet Union.

As Ms. Kidd has wrote in the past, call or write your Senator to vote “NO” on this bill. E-mails get deleted by the thousands in DC, so-called “snail-mail” and phone calls do the trick. Do this after you contact your state reps and senators on the above. Your freedom and privacy are at stake. We can win and will with God’s help and your action.


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