China and the Dollar Crisis

Word has come via the pro-globalist Washington Post, the German magazine Der Spiegel and the news and opinion website that the American dollar may be going into a tailspin the weekend of December 16th - 18th.

Thanks to the Bush presidency continuing the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, shipping manufacturing overseas, promoting “free trade” policies and pushing for a World State run by globalists like himself, the dollar has lost 30% percent of it’s value against the Euro. This weekend, in economic talks with Communist China, the Beijing regime told their American counterparts that the PRC intends to get rid of her US$ 1.1 trillion this weekend. Doing so would smash the weakened dollar, setting off a chain of events that would - literally - create a Second Great Depression.

Both globalist factions - one Monopoly Capitalist, one Marxist - could manipulate the frightened mob into supporting one or the other faction. Each side could spin a web of propaganda claiming that putting the globe under their “governance” - whether Washington-London-Brussels or Moscow-Beijing-Caracas-Brasilia - is the only way to avert permanent misery.

Neither faction supports Distributist principles and policies. Neither faction believes in economic and political de-centralization. Both sides want to run the world without opposition.

What to do? Pray, pray and pray. Inform folks you know who are interested about this to prepare themselves for any possible calamity NOW that may result from this. Tell them about Distributism.

And keep watching developments on this critical issue this weekend.


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