Other Opinions On China Dollar Dump

This report from Anthony Wile, a financial analyst for Free-Market News Network, gives a different perspective on the threat of Red China getting rid of it US$1.1 trillion dollar reserves all at once.

Wile believes that China may not do so for two major factors:

1) The Beijing regime has over half a billion people living who are living on a subsistence level and demanding their share of the nation's burgeoning wealth.

2) Red China's suppliers of oil and raw materials still deal in dollars and hold them also. They might be tempted to think twice about their trading deals with Beijing if they go through with a "dollar dump".

Nonetheless, this is - for a Distributist - more evidence proving that a nation must be as self-sufficient as is both economically and physically possible. That one must trade with other nations, but not to the extent that one can't survive without it. That a country must de-centralize and localize it's economy as much as possible, at least for it's long term security.

Both parties now in Washington, controlled by globalists, won't even entertain such thoughts. And their counterparts in Beijing, still committed to a Red world utopia formed by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Dengism, would reject such protests as "petite-bourgeois revisionism".

Which means we who believe in and support Distributism must tell all who are interested about it. Get our neighbors to prepare themselves for any event that may stem from what Beijing threatens to do. And pray, pray, pray for God's mercy on these events.


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