Zimbabwe Lament

Zimbabwe continues her downward spiral into oblivion, just like so many other Marxist nations. Cathy Buckle, via the news and opinion website Rense.com, send her weekly missive in from the former Rhodesia. The currency worthless even within her homeland, it can’t buy basic staples as eggs, meat, milk and butter. Average folks, black or white, have to get by on whatever they can…if they can.

And from the controversial South African reporter and commentator Jan Lamprecht comes word that Zimbabwe’s dictator, Robert Mugabe, changed his mind about resigning in 2008. Lamprecht sees that Mugabe has all but declared himself “Dictator For Life”. It is logical, since his cronies depend on him to keep their heads above water.

Along with the Fatima Consecration, a Distributist plan of action and the removal of the Mugabe regime can only do Zimbabwe a world of good. So please keep praying for that poor country, that God deliver them from this heartless tyranny.


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