This article, dated February 21st, comes from the business website

The former Soviet Central Asian republic is still learning how to begin and grow their own small businesses, farms and small Western-style cooperatives. So with grants from - God help us all! - the United Nations Development Plan and the EU, education and business plans are being promoted to encourage local economic growth. Already successful in two regions of the country, a third region is now targeted to begin helping farmers to start micro businesses, as well as use local resources to fix and restore the regional infrastructure.

The nation has long suffered from Communist tyranny, and the residue of it still needs to be purged. But this effort is a major step in doing so by promoting private enterprise unconnected with multinational conglomerates. It is a big step toward a Distributist Uzbekistan and should be prayed for and supported. It will bring greater economic and social stability to this part of the world and reduce the temptation to crime and terrorism.

Congratulations to the Uzbeks and keep up the good work!


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