This article, dated February 25th, is written by Stephanie Sy for America’s ABC NEWS.

The “BerkShares” alternative currency program, which the Review reported on last September, is going strong. Over US$800,000 in these notes are circulating within participating stores and banks in the southern Berkshire mountains of Western Massachusetts. Accepted at 225 businesses in the area, the popularity is growing.

The governing board behind BerkShares have a long-term goal of making loans of the alternative currency to companies just starting business. They hope it will spur growth of small-scale manufacturing and develop the local economy even further.

Even better, as Ms. Sy reports, a Brooklyn, NY-based black history professor would like to transplant this “BerkShares” system to help minority-owned businesses in poor areas of the country.

This is an excellent effort to bring Distributism to local region. In areas of feeble economic activity, this “supplemental currency” can help local businesses to flourish.

Any Review readers interested in bringing such an effort to your community should contact “BerkShares” for more information.


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