Peru's Priorities Need Fixing

This report, posted November 18th on Yahoo News, is written by Carla Salazar for the pro-globalist Associated Press.

Peru - long plagued by the Maoist Communist "Shining Path" guerillas - struggles to get back on her feet. As Ms. Salazar notes, the country - like so many others in Latin America's history - was governed by strongmen and dictators. Since 2001, the government in Lima create smaller regional districts, directing more revenue streams to them to improve their own local conditions. This was done in response to massive corruption that festered during the Alberto Fujimori regime.

But the power and money coming from the increased taxes on mining have lead some local leaders to splurge on scandalous profit-making projects. Ms. Salazar writes of one particular project that is causing many Peruvians to blush in shame.

The villiage of Huayre, 100 miles northeast of Lima, now has an erotic theme park in it's midst. Many of the sculptures and wading pools represent erotic symbols best not described here. The mayor, who supports the park, hopes to draw tourists and tourist dollars to his area with the park. And this even though the villiage still lacks paved streets or a sewage system.

During the week of November 19th, Peru wiull be holding elections for local office. As Ms. Salazar wries, the ruling center-left party of re-elected president Alan Garcia is facing trouble as a result of such wasteful spending liike this theme park.

Like in so many other countries, Peru doesn't know about Distributism. With their major parites backing either some form of Socialism or globalist Capitalism, the voters need some way out of their dilemna. They need what Belloc, Chesterton and their legitimate successors have taught us over the decades. Then things will become a lot better for the poor and middle classes there.

Pray for Peru. And pray they find out about Distributism soon and put it into practice.


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