The Birth of "Algae Oil"?

This report, dated October 26th, comes from the pro-globalist news website at MSNBC.

A laboratory linked with the U.S. government is teaming up with a company in California to research making biodiesel fuel using - of all things - algae.

The company called LiveFuels Inc. has been working on this project for five years. They have been making great strides in learning which strains of algae are most useful in creating biodiesel. These strains can produce more "biocrude", as it is called, than can it's rival soybean oil.

The CEO of LiveFuels confidently predicts that America would be producing it's own "biocrude" in four years time.

This is encouraging, especially in light of a recent report from the Cambridge Energy Resource Associates (CERA) that current crude oil reserves are not as dire as some groups think. The CERA report notes that there are still 3 3/4 trillion barrels of oil remaining, higher results than estimated. This is also good news, but those who believe in the theory of "Peak Oil" may probably not be convinced. {Note: The Review does not accept the Peak Oil theory.}

Nonetheless, research into producing affordable "biocrude" is another way America can get closer to achieving energy independence. President Bush, who is a "friend of Big Oil", was still correct when he noted that America was "addicted" to imported oil. We agree, which is why efforts like Live Fuels - as well as other projects we've noted in the past - are vital to making the country more self-sufficient in energy production.

And from the Distributist perspective, such energy production must be localized, decentralized and diversified. Local efforts toward both energy production and conservation must be encouraged, especially by small companies and cooperatives. Even energy production based on the theories of Nikola Tesla - discoverer of the AC current - will only help America to be free of foreign oil. Other nations are taking these steps in a Distributist direction, so why not the U.S.?


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