Roberts Condemns Bush's Policies

Posted on the controversial news and opinion website, Paul Craig Roberts - former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration and former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page - has written a brisk and scathing commentary on the Bush administration's conduct of both the Iraq and Afghani Wars and the economy.

One point of note in his column deserves attention. During the month of September, 2006, the American economy had a net growth of only 59,000 jobs - almost all in the service sector. During the same month, America lost 19,000 manufacturing jobs!

A nation cannot base it's economy on a predominately service economy. It must grow things, mine things and make things to be prosperous. Both American political parties have pushed the country down this path toward a mostly service economy for years. Their ideas are bankrupt, based either in Socialism or Global Capitalism. They are the defenders of the Servile State that Belloc warned of so long ago.

Distributism can and will fix many of the problems that have led us to this pit of misery. It will not cure them all, for it never claimed it could. But the alternative is to continue to wallow in the muck and mire we're in forever. And that is too sad to contemplate.

It can be reversed and will. Learn about Distributism, and put in into practice wherever you find yourself. It can be done. ALL IS NOT LOST!


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