Confederation Model For School Systems?

Originally posted on September 21st, and noted by author and columnist Kevin Carson on his Free Market Anti-Capitalism blog, this is a article by Canadian independent consultant Harold Jarche.

It is a proposed alternative to the centralized - and increasingly godless - public school system in the USA and Canada. It is for a loose confederation of small schools, connected together by modern technology and the Internet, tailoring lessons and curriculum to meet the needs of students in their local areas.

An interesting concept that - in part - holds high two of Distributism's tenets - decentralization and localization. Comments on his article are welcome.


Kevin Carson Monday, October 16, 2006 at 1:53:00 PM CDT  

Thanks for the link!

Ivan Illich's "decentralized learning networks" in Deschooling Society were envisioned back when the only computers were giant mainframes, and intended to be organized on the basis of telephones and tape-recorded lectures. If you imagine such networks built on the Internet instead, the possibilities are postitively mind-boggling.

Information is the cheapest thing in the world to move: far cheaper than loading up human-resources-to-be in a bus and transporting them to the processing factory.

The factory model of human resource processing, like all other forms of factory production, are more about social control than real efficiency.

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