This column from Mark Morford of the left-wing San Francisco Chronicle is about a family in Arkansas who just recently added their 16th child. With flourishes of rhetorical scorn, riddled with shock and disgust, Morford goes on to ridicule and deride this family, including the father who he claims is "hankering" to be a Republican senator. He describes one of the photos on their website as - this is a direct quote - of the "bizarre Duggar family of 18 spotless white hyperreligious interchangeable people with alarmingly bad hair".

Bizarre, eh? Disgusting, is it? Chesterton and Belloc would beg to differ. As would the rest of sane humanity.

As would especially Our Saving Lord!

This column, found on the alternative news website Rense.com, has already got two major responses from it, both in praise of the Duggar family. Let us hope it will generate more for the Duggars, who are also devout Evangelical Protestants and home-school advocates. As for Mr. Morford, we at the DR suggest two things for you, our readers, to do in light of this.

One, to send a brief and polite reply to Mr. Morford, rebuking his sad and pessimistic stance against openness to life and trusting Christ and Mary to take care of large families like the Duggars. Let him know also about Distributism, which is best suited to support large families by fighting
economic and political centralization. (His e-mail address is mmorford@sfgate.com)

And two, pray for his soul, that God may break his heart of stone and replace it with a heart of love...especially for large families.


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