Brazil Says NO to Gun Control

Good news from Latin America regarding the evil of gun control. This report from the globalist BBC News website reports that Brazilian voters voted against banning the sales of firearms. According to a report from the left-wing Associated Press, as reported in the Boston Metro, 64% of voters rejected the ban. And this was with 92% of the votes counted.

The pro-globalist media outlets in America and elsewhere are fuming at the news, for a disarmed public is one that is easily controlled. Neither Belloc nor Chesterton advocated gun control during their day. And neither do we. For an excellent source on the true evils of gun control, we refer to the group Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Although they are Libertarian in origin, they are doing great work in preserving the right of self-defense and fighting the schemes of big government.

Again, congratulations to the voters of Brazil for preserving the right to own guns and fight crime and tyranny.


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