Lean Mean Hybrid Cars

This report, placed on the left-wing CNN website, comes from their counterparts of the Associated Press.

Small companies and one-man entrepreneurs are leading the way in modifying hybrid gas-electric cars in the US to get more fuel efficiency from their vehicles. In the report dated August 16th, some cars are able to gt up to 250 miles per gallon!

The technology, according to the AP report, has been in existence for over 30 years. Only now, with gasoline prices approaching US$2.50 a gallon, are some of the big auto companies like DaimlerChrysler getting on this bandwagon.

Distributism believes in decentralizing energy production, as well as conservation. Efforts by small inventors and small companies to help in both can only benefit the US during it's time of turmoil on gas prices.

But this will benefit other nations as well, if they are able to do similar work as those mentioned in the CNN report. As also reported by CNN, on it's Money section, other countries are in even worse straits regarding the high cost of gas. (NOTE: Other nations, using the accursed Metric System, measure their costs in litres.) Gasoline in Tokyo is US$3.84 per gallon. Rome is $4.86 a gallon. Hong Kong is $5.62 a gallon!

Contrary to the so-called "mainstream media" hyped scare of "Peak Oil" - the story that the world is running out of oil - the news coming out of Russia and the Ukraine say otherwise. Though oil and gas are a finite resource - only Almighty God is infinite, nothing else is - there is still a lot more oil in the ground than ecological Marxists claim. Nonetheless, fuel conservation is necessary and is good stewardship of the world God gave us out of His love.

Hence, efforts by these "tinkerers" and small companies mentioned above are well worth the effort and well worth our support.


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