Alas For Belarus

This report from the left-wing San Francisco Chronicle, given via the Libertarian website, is written by Anna Badkhen.

The Eastern European nation of Belarus, under the iron heel of Alexander Lukashenko, is faring no better than Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe or Fidel Castro's Cuba. There are no private farms or independent co-operatives. All companies are owned and run by the state, even small ones. Lukashenko's "market socialism" is the ruling ideology, with all students and employees obliged to attend training in this bilge.

Let us learn from what is going on in that poor nation and avoid it. Like in so many other places in our sad world, they don't know about Distributism. True, it will not cure all the country's problems, but it can help to alleviate them to a great degree. So long as Lukashenko's neo-Communist regime remains in power, the ten million who dwell in his shadow will still endure madness and wrath.


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