France Aids Small Businesses

This article, written by Laurence Frost of the left-wing Associated Press via Yahoo News, tells of new French labor laws that are meant to help generate new jobs and help small businesses.

A part of the new rules is a "New Recruit Contract", which allows companies with 20 employees or less the right to fire a new hire anytime within the first two years of employment. Those fired, however, will have two week's notice and get unemployment benefits.

It's hoped that, by breaking the chains of over-regulation on small firms, it will help to spur economic growth in a Socialist nation with a 10.1 % unemployment rate. However, as Frost reports, the second-largest union - CGT - will be planning street demonstrations to fight this new law.

Those who advocate the Servile State in France must be punished for smothering efforts to help that country back on its feet. Removing the heavy yoke of over-regulation on small businesses in France won't by itself bring needed prosperity, but it is a necessary first start.

This is a healthy piece of pro-Distributist legislation from Paris. Let's pray God that more will follow.


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