CAFTA Aftermath

Friends and neighbors, we lost again.

By a vote of 217 for to 215 against, the US House voted to pass the CAFTA Agreement. Thus, they follow the US Senate, which voted 55 to 45 in favor of this travesty. President Bush and Vice President Cheney visited the House during the day of the vote, using every dirty trick in the book to demand Republican voters to approve this measure.

What will this mean for Americans? It will mean that the job loss and company shutdown under NAFTA will continue - if not increase - under CAFTA. Furthermore, access to high-dose vitamins and minerals - or ANY vitamin and mineral suppliments - will either be restricted or eliminated under the CODEX-style regulations buried within the Agreement.

What can be done, if anything, so as to avoid despair? Begin now to form groups to educate the truly interested in your local community to begin the drive to repeal CAFTA and NAFTA. This is a long-term goal, but no matter how long it takes, work to repeal both Agreements. Not just in America only, but in Canada, Mexico and the nations of Central America.

As for vitamin and mineral suppliments, stock up now. But do so in a manner that will not cause panic. Restructure your eating habits in a manner that will give you the most vitamin and minerals for your good health. Begin to grow your own food, or join a neighborhood co-op dedicated to backyard growing. Do so NOW, for the sake of your health and that of your families.


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