Zimbabwe In Chains

Last week, neo-Marxist Zimbabwe - the former Rhodesia - held it's latest parliamentary elections. And like those in it's counterparts in other Communist nations, they were rigged to keep the rulung ZANU-PF party in power. As reported by Tafi Murinzi of IPS on April 9, those who have warned change through the electoral process wouldn't come were vindicated. The dying West has condemned this farce, but their fellow globalists in the so-called African Union and the SADC - an economic zone dominated by neo-Marxist South Africa - have endorsed it.

As Murinzi reported, the opposition MDC has ruled out court action to challenge the results, noting the last two times they tried ended in failure. (We in America sympathize, since we have had a similar run-around by the courts in trying to keep Terri Schindler-Schiavo alive.) So continual mass-action - the type of "people power" protests that brought down the Marcos regime in the Phillipines and put in Corazon Aquino - is thought to be the MDC's one remaining weapon for change.

Yet, like in other Communist and neo-Marxist states, the police and army have been arresting and assaulting opposition members where they can. Just like in Red China, where the Communist dictatorship continues to arrest members of the "underground" Catholic Church and the Protestant "home churches", an pre-election all-night prayer meeting was shattered.

Robert Mugabe, the 81-year old neo-Marxist dictator, secure in his arrogance at stealing this latest election, had the unmitigated gall to appear at the Pope's funeral, as reported by Reuters of South Africa. He could since the Vatican - thank God - is not a member of the EU. And the nations of the EU banned him and other government officals from entering their lands since 2000. Further, through the government-controlled Herald newspaper, he invited Prince Charles of Britain to visit the country when he wished.

Fellow neo-Marxist Kofi Annan, current secretary-general of the UN, has called for "unity" within that poor nation. Fellow neo-Marxist media outlets in southern Africa have also said similar things, blaming American and British interference for Zimbabwe's troubles rather than the tyranny of Mugabe's thugs. The April 7th editorial of Angola's Lusaka Post, currently on All Africa.com's website, is a good example of such willing blindness.

How can there be "unity" when the government continues - like in other Red and neo-Marxist regimes - to kill and assault opposition leaders, arrest them on trumped-up charges, deny them food and so on. As reported by the left-wing Washington Post via the Bangladeshi newspaper the Deccan Herald, Mugabe went so far as to kill 20,000 members of a southern tribe that protested government policies - and this was back in the 1980's.

And like in other neo-Marxist dictatorships, food and fuel shortages are accute. As reported by SwissInfo, there has been litle fuel for cars and trucks because Zimbabwe's foreign currency supply os almost at zero. Food supplies, especially in corn (maize to the rest of the world), are sporadic at best. Mugabe's regime blames suppossed drought conditions, but this was a similar excuse the so-called "former" Soviet Union used to excuse their lack of food to their starving people.

It is always the weather or "foreign sabotage", never us, they say by their actions. We are never wrong. Believe us and obey, or you'll be shattered like glass.

Short of Divine intervention, it seems nothing but foreign armies - American, Western or some other coalition - will have to kick Mugabe and his murderers out. But with the West in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and other places, that may not be possible in the near future.

In any case, when Mugabe and the ZANU-PF is finally kicked out, let Zimbabwe not bring in the horrid multi-nationals and their globalist nightmare futre to take their place. Let the people learn of Distributism and the insights of Belloc, Chesterton and their legitimate successors. Only here wil they find some glimmer of hope for that poor country.

Please pray for Zimbabwe, that Christ may have mercy on her.


Anonymous,  Sunday, April 10, 2005 at 11:04:00 PM CDT  

First, a comment about the blog in general: You might try having only, say, the first two paragraphs of a given article appear when the user first comes to the page. He or she could then click on a link to open up the rest of the article. The full text approach tends to obscure and push down previous articles needlessly.

Second, in regards to this particular post, I should say that labels and terms such as "neo-Marxist" and "left-wing" or "neo-liberal" and "right-wing" have little more meaning to truly observant and thoughtful commentators that such terms as "stupid-face" or "moron-brain." That is to say, they are effectively meaningless apart from being, in a sense, no more than ad hominem attacks. Such labels so over-simplify as to be insulting to the learned and confusing to the unlearned.

I suggest eliminating such terms, unless there is a good and specific reason for the use of a label. For instance, someone calls himself a "neo-Marxist" and calling attention to this is important to the specific point. Or, someone belong(s) to the National Socialist party and could be called a "Nazi" for the purpose of indicating that fact.

An editorial should attack with reason and logic, or perhaps by juxtoposition and irony, not by name-calling. I suggest both Chesterton and Belloc's writings for examples of how this may be done (not that either of them was 100% dilligent in this particular matter).

I am sorry that my first post is so critical, but we who fight the good, long, hard fight can not afford to be easy even on one another.

Keep up the good work and keep me in your prayers.

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