Babies and Bureaucracy

This column from the American libertarian website is written by Rob Blackstock. It deals with a huge bureaucratic mess created by a long-ago passed law in the state of Louisiana regarding child-support by negligent fathers.

Mr. Blackstock was not the father of the child in question, but it took many weeks of bureaucratic wrangling, a DNA test and thousands of dollars in attorney's fees to fix up the mess.

When the state/provincial or national governments handle cases like this that properly belong to the local communities, Kafkaesque chaos ensues. Though the libertarians are wrong on many issues, here they have hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

And shame on Louisiana for mishandling this case. We encourage any in that state to alert your representatives to begin permanently fixing the welfare laws there so that this farce Blackstock endured won't ever happen again...ever.


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