Repentance of an "Economic Hit Man"

This interview is from the April, 2005 edition of the eco-agricultural monthly magazine Acres USA. Much, though not all, of what this magazine promote and supports falls in line with classic Distributist Thought, and we highly recommend it.

John Perkins is the interviewee, author of the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". He tells of the things he used to do on behalf of certain groups in the US to ruin the economies of Third World countries. It is a devistating read, showing what those working for the Western version of a "New World Order" can do to the suffering poor nations of the world. What their counter-parts in the Socialist and Communist Blocs, of course, is worse and bloodier.

Let this be more fuel to our fire, so to speak. Let the end result be a greater resolve to pray, fast and work where we are toward fixing the causes that breed "economic hit men", whether monopoly capitalist, socialist, communist or fascist.

Though we may never see it in our lifetimes, continue to pray and work toward a Distributist Earth!


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