Counterfeit Disaster Averted!

This report was filed to the Filipino news website ABS-CBN News around April 25th. There is also a gentleman's analysis of this on the "conspiracy debate" board of the alternative medicine website

It reports that the Philippine version of America's FBI arrested two British men who had three trillion dollars in phony American bearer bonds. Their intention was to head for Zurich and deposit them there.

If these bonds were ever circulated into the American economy, the economic chaos would be inconceivable. With the nation's economy already US$ 7 trillion in debt as it is - with Communist China owning a good chunk of that in bonds and other debt instruments - such phony bonds would have tipped the country into economic collapse. Perhaps - may I not sound paranoid - even into civil chaos, giving the Bush administration the excuse to impose martial law. Forever.

This is all the more reason for we Distributists to demand both government and society to end lending money on interest - putting the dollar back on some sort of commodity-based basis - to end currency speculation - for ourselves personally to live below our means and quickly pay off our own credit cards and other debts.

All these are necessary steps to reshaping American society - as well as other societies worldwide - in a saner, Distributist direction. Let us keep praying and working toward that noble goal.


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