Russia On the Move Again

This editorial from India Daily, sent via the new site Prison, tells of the current Putin regime in Russia planning to create what the Daily calls "the most powerful superpower coalition in the world."

This would combine Russia, Red China, India and Brazil into a quartet, countering American and European Union influence in the world, according to the Daily. They also hope to increase their influence in the UN General Assembly and Security Council.

This is a new grouping of nations trying to impose their own version of a "New World Order", rather than the one sought by the Bush administration, or that of the EU. In either case, it is still a move toward a World State, rightly condemned by Belloc and Chesterton back in their day. Whether it is the UN, US, EU or a Russian-led coalition, the end result is centralizing economic and politicla power into fewer and fewer hands.

It is the ordinary folk of the world - American, Russian or otherwise - who will suffer as a result. Which is why Distributism must be spread globally, so as to stop such mad, maniacal schemes as these.


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