Kupelian on Kinsey

This essay is from the upcoming Whistleblower magazine for November 2004. The magazine is published by the folks behind the neo-conservative web news giant WorldNetDaily. It is written by David Kupelian, and is called "Selling sex in the U.S.A.". There is a good Chesterton quote in the bottom third of the essay.

This is one of THE most powerful non-Chesterton essays I have yet read. In light of what the UN recently demanded of Poland, as well as the upcoming Hollywood whitewash film of the infamous Dr. Kinsey starring Liam Nielson, this essay demands to be read and meditated on. If any wish to know why we in Distributism - and her founders, Belloc and Chesterton - are committed to destroying the Sexual Revolution worldwide, then read this essay and save it.


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