India Sees Kerry's Anti-Outsourcing Stance As Mere Rhetoric

India Sees Kerry's Anti-Outsourcing Stance As Mere Rhetoric -- 10/13/2004 accoring to Cybercast news service. Blurbs from the article:

That view was bolstered, two weeks ago, by widely-reported comments by former Clinton administration official Strobe Talbott, now president of the Brookings Institution.

"Outsourcing will continue regardless of who wins in the November elections," he was quoted as telling reporters in India.

"Good economic sense will prevail over politics," added Talbott, who said of Kerry: "His government's attitude towards outsourcing would be very different to his campaign..."


During a visit to the U.S. last week, India's Harvard-educated finance minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, also described Kerry's stance on outsourcing as "pre-election rhetoric."

"Business understands very well that outsourcing brings insourcing and keeps it competitive," he was quoted as saying in New York. "Nobody questions the wisdom of outsourcing."

I think if Kerry doesn't do a lot towards ending outsourcing the wrath against him will be much worse than the reaction of unions towards Clinton's signing of NAFTA. Clinton was not trusted much by Democrats because of his DLC pedigree. Kerry is the protegeee of Sen. Ted Kennedy and much more will be expected.


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