Arianna Huffington has a list of the top outsourcing contributors to George Bush's campaign of course the site is little better than a diatribe against Bush so in defense I also added a list of the outsourcing Kerry supporters from this blurb at the Washington Times:

As for Mr. Kerry's complaint about "Benedict Arnold CEOs" who engage in outsourcing, it turns out many are Mr. Kerry's biggest supporters. If you look in Lou Dobbs' new book, "Exporting America," there is a list of 40 pro-Kerry business leaders whose companies are among this country's biggest outsourcers, including Robert Rubin, a top executive at Citigroup; Theodore Waitt, chairman of Gateway; and Robert Haas, chairman of Levi Strauss.

Of course the blurb has its own problems because it seems to endorse the continual drumbeat of the free traders and has some selective statistics (looking at gross employment figures rather than looking at wage rates in the bottom half of our country for instance).


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