Reverend Moon and North Korean Cars

This report is from the South Korean newspaper JoongAng Daily. They have reported that the Rev. Sung Yung Moon and his "Unification Church" has opened a factory in Communist North Korea to make cars for the Asian market.

Rev. Moon, who was recently crowned a "messiah" in a public ceremony in Washington, has been dealing with the brutish, thuggish regime for many years. According to the report mentioned above, Moon's car company - owned by the Church - will be making and selling copies of two Fiat models for China and Vietnam, among other nations. The average North Korean worker cannot afford to buy one, buy gas for it, or much less know how to operate and take care of it.

Once again, we see big government and big business joining hands to squash the little guy. The North Korean state, still technically in a state of war with the US, crushes and brainwashes her people within her Marxist dystopia. Rev. Moon, who's Church is widely regarded by many as a cult, wishes to make his birthplace in North Korea a rival to the Vatican. His businesses are working with North Korea to keep it afloat.

Hence the Reds in Pyongyang remain in power, and the people suffer. If the Communist state there is ever eliminated, it will take at least a generation for the poor souls there to be de-programmed from their slavishness to Marxism...and support Distributism.


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