The Future of Oil - - Pig Waste

This wild but hopeful report is from the monthly US paleo-conservative magazine Idaho Observer, the July 2004 edition.

There is a team from the University of Illinois that is researching how to turn - of all things - pig manure into a type of crude oil that can be used for heating homesand creating electricity.

With world oil refinery building not keeping up with demand, and billions of barrels of crude oil in northern Alaska still untouched thanks to both eco-Marxist propaganda and Congressional refusal to allow drilling, such projects such as these are even more necessary in generating fuel.

When combined with further research in making alternative energy cheaper, fuel conservation, de-centralizing the electrical grid and other things, America's energy security wil be made stronger. Hopefully, this can be imitated and adapted by other nations.

Chesterton and Schumacher would probably approve.


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