Co-op Sex Toy Shop? OH, PLEASE, NO!!!!

This report, from the August 26th edition of Boston Indymedia - a branch of the (ugh!) anarcho-socialist Indymedia group, reports on a move to unionize employees at the local Grand Opening! sex toy shop. (By the way, they prefer to use the euphemism "sexuality boutique".)

This business, which also has a branch in Los Angeles, wants to expand nationally, promoting their "sex-positive stores" and the Sexual Revolution as a whole. However, the management has been stalling the workers in recognizing the first movemtns to unionize. So the workers have appealed to the National Labor Relations Board for help.

The company's rival in San Francisco, Good Vibrations, is a worker-owned co-operative. So many of the posters on the Boston Indymedia site have advocated the GO! workforce to either take over the company to make it a co-op, or start a rival similar to the one in San Francisco.

Now co-operatives is in line with Distributist Thought, for they promote de-centralized ownership of productive private property to as many as possible. Worker-managed co-ops are even better, for they are not controlled as easily by either big government or big business.

But organizing a co-op in order to promote sexual immorality?!?! PLEASE!!!

Pornography, at least in the USA, is a three billion US dollar industry. How many lives have been ruined by it? How many souls have been blackened and warped by it? Alas, many of us have been stained by this scourge of society. Shops like GO!, whether under it's current ownership or as a worker-owned co-op, must not be allowed to exist.

Sexual activity is ONLY moral and licit between a man and a woman within the bonds of unbreakable matrimony. Any other type of sexual activity is objectively wrong, no matter what national governments, academia, media and judiciaries say otherwise.

Distributism is committed to destroying the Sexual Revolution worldwide, even if it takes - literally - centuries of effort. Pornography is just one aspect of it. To paraphrase Chesterton,

"One does not argue with pornography. One stamps it's foot down on it!"


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