According to an August 26th report from the globalist-liberal American news website, the notorious restaurant chain Hooters - already having franchises in 26 countries - now wants to open 10 restaurants in India.

Hooters is well-known for its - well - provocitively clad waitresses, as well as their steak sandwiches and barbecued chicken wings.

They will be looking to increase their market share world-wide, tackling fellow globalist rivals like McDonald's and Domino's Pizza. They plan to open a franchise in Communist China and three in Thailand, with Latin America as it's next target.

From a Distributist perspective, not only will this put unwanted, increasing pressure on local and small restaurants to keep up or die, but also this is AGAIN using sex to sell a product, albeit lunch and dinner. Also, this does not encourage working families to enjoy their meals with one another, taking time to both eat and enjoy each other's company.

Chesterton complained about this long ago, calling this "standardization by a low standard". The people of India must rise up and shove Hooters - and the rest of the chain restaurants - out of their country. They have enough troubles with Maoist rebellion, poverty, fresh water shortages, their troubles with Pakistan and Red China, idol worship and so on. They do not need this new ill infecting them.


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