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Calling all Distributists. Not sure if you can put this out to your audience w/out a conflict of interest but if there is a way to do so after checking it out I think this event will be pretty important.

If land ownership and the freedom to manage one's own land with integrity is impeded upon by government it will be another loss for Distributism. I believe there is risk of legislation being used to further increase the ability of large industrialized food companies to strengthen their control of what foods are legally available.

I don't know Liz, but was thinking I might call her to see about showing up myself to see how I can help.

Happy Easter.

Julian Malcolm

Join us in serving Congress a Local Foods Feast!


The National Small Farm and Ranch Grassroots Lobby Day

& Legislative Reception

Tuesday April 21, 2009 Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

Lobbying 9:30 - 3:00

Reception 12:00 -12:50

Room Assignment pending—please check www.NICFA.com closer to date.


Joel Salatin, Emcee

and Guest speaker
Representative Ron Paul of Texas

  • Come to DC and join the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (NICFA), state affiliates, and other groups as we joyfully serve our legislators the LOCAL FOODS FEAST OF THE YEAR from food produced by small, independent farmers and prepared by expert chefs at Dish Catering. We will illustrate that local foods are the true Safe Food System as we highlight the beauty, fun and nourishment of these foods.

  • Invite your Representative and Senators to the reception. We are the face of this movement—we will become the faces and voices of local food to Congress.

  • The Food Safety bills in front of Congress threaten the viability of your local food producers. Make an appointment now to meet with your Representative and two Senators on April 21st (you will probably meet with legislative aides for agriculture rather than legislators, but aides are just as important. They are the eyes and ears of the legislators!).

CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS: www.House.gov and www.Senate.gov

If you have never met with a legislator or aide before, fret not.

We will provide encouragement and Talking Points!

(Talking Points, directions and schedule will be posted on www.NICFA.org closer to date).

Background and more information: www.NICFA.org

Or Liz Reitzig liz.reitzig@verizon.net 301.807.5063

Media inquiries: Deborah Stockton info@nicfa.org 434.295.7176


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