This article, originally dated April 20th, is written by Associated Press economics writer Martin Crutsinger and posted on the left-wing web log Breitbart.com. It was also posted on the controversial news website Rense.com.

Since the year 2000, when the infamous NAFTA treaty was in effect for a couple of years, America lost over three million factory jobs. During that same period, nearly nine million new jobs were added to the service sectors. But even these jobs are not secure, since these also are being “outsourced” to Third World nations.

As Crutsinger also notes, the flood of investment and such to Red China has fueled the decline in manufacturing even further. He writes that industries as diverse as paper and furniture and textiles have been hardest hit by the downturn.

Supporters of “free trade” - many of them neo-conservatives and libertarians - see this as something normal. They advocate schemes like worker re-training and such, while warning against the threat of so-called “protectionism”. Furthermore, with both parties in Washington controlled by globalist fanatics, dedicated to a World State run by a self-appointed “elite”, they have little incentive to reverse these current trends.

Which is why Distributists, wherever they are, have an opportunity to both lead and teach the public on escaping a horrid future thanks to “free trade” and globalism. Inform your neighbors about what Belloc, Chesterton and their legitimate successors taught.

Then get involved in local politics to begin reversing globalism’s effects in your neighborhood. Work to re-establish small-scale industry where you live, especially on a worker-owned and managed cooperative basis. Work and pray to get America out of NAFTA and the WTO for good. And if you have friends in Canada and Mexico, encourage them to do similar action in their homelands.

Working together, with prayer and God’s loving guidance, we can bring back industry to America. It will be one step closer to a Distributist America. And, hence, a better and stronger America.


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