This article, dated May 4th, comes from Jiang Bo of China, and is written in The Epoch Times, owned by the Falun Gong cult.

Jiang Bo gives his brief testimony on how Red China is facing great struggles, both in her economy and society. Even within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), it’s appearance of strength is skin-deep only. As we reported in the past, thousands are leaving the Party daily, thanks in part to the devastating documents called Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

This is good news that is well needed today. The forces of globalism, whether Capitalist or Socialist, keep claiming that progress toward a World State is unstoppable. But they are wrong. For even it’s most fervent supporters today can abandon them tomorrow when they discover the truth and act upon it. And when enough do so, with God’s guidance and mercy, they can shatter the schemes of Hell in a moment.

Pray for men like Jiang and his family. And pray that someday, God willing, China will learn about Distributism and put it into practice nationwide


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