Nicaragua Analysis

According to the November 6th Yahoo News, Nicaragua's former Communist dictator Daniel Ortega is ahead of his anti-Communist rival Eduardo Montealegre in that poor country's presidential elections.

The country, recently celebrating a victory over the Sexual Revolution by banning all abortions, now faces a dark future by possibly returning the dictator back into power. According to the Yahoo New report, Ortega - who claimes he is no longer a Communist - claims to wish a continuance of current pro-"free trade" policies. The nation, as the report says, is known for cheap labor, low crime, and it's support for the diasterous CAFTA, a "free trade" agreement relative to NAFTA.

Both America and Venezuela have done their best to twist the elections in their direction.

From a Distributist perspective, the elections seem to be a repeat of elections held in Ukraine months ago...rivals candidates for rivals versions of a New World Order, either global Marxist or global Capitalist. In any case, the people of Nicaragua will be the victims. To the best of our knowledge, there are no Distributist candidates for major office there.

Once again, the choice is no choice at all. Pray for Nicaragua.


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