EIC Website on "America's Economic Rot"

From the website Economy In Crisis, this is a hard-hitting and stinging essay on "The Underlying Rot of the U.S. Economy".

With both American parties mired in corruption for decades, the need is great for both local communities - as well as the states and counties - to fix economic matters in their own areas. And the best way is via Distributism.

Take the burden off of small businesses, small manufacturers and worker-owned and managed co-operatives. Reduce the load of over-regulation and micro-management of the same. Protect and de-centralize productive private property in these areas. Consider regional currencies within each state that is good in that state only, to help promote local economic stability.

America's enemies can only prosper if our country is mired in a morass of economic anemia. Distributism is the way out of it. So let's learn of it and promote it where we live.


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