Haiti's Parliament Meets

This report, written by Stevenson Jacobs for the pro-globalist Associated Press, was posted in The State, one of South Carolina's biggest newspapers.

The Haitian Parliament has met for the first time in two years. Rene Preval, former president of the country and re-elected to run it again, has his hands full. His party is in the minority. Many allies of former president and Marxist Aristide stil have influence and want their exiled leader returned. And Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, as well as having one of the most chaotic and violent of histories.

This area, like so many others in the Third World, can benefit from learning about Distributism and applying it's principles to their country. Promoting de-centralized government, as well as small businesses and worker-owned and managed co-ops, will only benefit their people in the long run. Staying out of the UN and WTO will keep them from the dark designs of both the multinational conglomerates and global government fanatics. Protecting and nourishing a social order that treasures the traditional and extended family, as well as fighting the Sexual Revolution, will help to stabilize Haiti.

A more stable Haiti can only benefit the Caribbean. If they learn of and practice Distributism, it can only strengthen that sad nation in the long run. Pray for Haiti.


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