The G-7 And America's Future

This essay, originally posted on the neo-Gnostic and New Age alternative news website Rumor Mill News, is written by Robert Chapman of the financial newsletter The International Forecaster.

The G-7 Group of Nations have their place in the tale of woe that is America's current financial state. Mr. Chapman points this out in detail.

Yes, this is the third brief report in a row on America's economic predicament posted today. This is only to give you all a sense of urgency in how late the hour is for the average American to get out of personal debt and promote Distributism where they live. We cannot afford to be lax in this.

And for foreign readers of the DR, we encourage you to do likewise where you are. All the world is in this together, whether we wish it or no.

Thank you all for your patience and kindness.


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