29th Annual G.K. Chesterton Conference

Friends, join us this August for ChesterTEN!

29th Annual G.K. Chesterton Conference
Mt. St. Mary’s University
Emmitsburg, Maryland
August 5-7, 2010.


Thursday, August 5

4:00 pm Registration begins

6:00 pm Dinner

7 pm Welcome

7:15 pm
Dale Ahlquist (President of the American Chesterton Society)
“In Praise of Jones”

8:30 pm
David Zach (Futurist)
“A Great Many Clever Things: The Mistake about Technology”

Friday, August 6

9:00 am
Geir Hasnes (Chesterton’s Bibliographer)
“Scientism: The Mistake about Science”

10:30 am
Nancy Brown (Author and ACS Blogmistress)
“The Woman Who Was Chesterton”

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Annual Meeting of the American Chesterton Society

Also at 1:00pm Chesterton for Beginners (with Dr. Pasquale Accardo)

2:30 pm
James Woodruff (Mathematics Instructor at Worcester Academy)
“GKC and Edmund Burke: The Mistake about Conservatism”

4:00 pm
Fr. Peter Milward (Professor Emeritus from Sophia University, Tokyo)
“Chesterton and Shakespeare and Today”

6:00 pm Dinner

7:00 pm
Tom Martin (Philosophy Professor at University of Nebraska-Kearney)
“ The Mistake about the Social Sciences”

8:30 pm
James O’Keefe (Independent Video Journalist)
“The Mistake about the Social Services”

Saturday, August 7

9:00 am
Msgr. Stuart Swetland (Theology Professor at Mt. St. Mary’s University)
“Out of the Desert: The Mistake about Islam”

10:30 am
Regina Doman (Author)
“The Evangelization of the Imagination”

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Special Presentation:
“The Faith of the Father (or the Mistake that people make about the Church)”
The Theater of the Word, Incorporated (Starring Kevin O'Brien)

2:30 pm
Fr. Ian Ker (Theology Professor from Oxford University)
“Chesterton and Newman”

4:00 pm
Joseph Pearce (Author)
“The Mistake About Progress”

6:00 pm Closing Mass

7:00 pm Banquet

8:00 Traditions: Jokes, Toasts, Readings, Clerihews

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