George W. Obama?

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I usually give a new President at least a month in office before I start dissing him; that's just part of my fundamental fairness. But Obama's cabinet has been a real disappointment. The economic team are all persons who were involved one way or another with the crash. And the effort appoint a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical companies to head Health and Human Services was a real shocker. Everybody was down on Daschle for his taxes; I would have put up with the taxes if it wasn't for the source of his income.


Anonymous,  Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 9:39:00 AM CST  

From "George Bernard Shaw" by GKC the chapter called the Irishman.

"Lastly, there is one general truth about[Pg 31] Ireland which may very well have influenced Bernard Shaw from the first; and almost certainly influenced him for good. Ireland is a country in which the political conflicts are at least genuine; they are about something. They are about patriotism, about religion, or about money: the three great realities. In other words, they are concerned with what commonwealth a man lives in or with what universe a man lives in or with how he is to manage to live in either. But they are not concerned with which of two wealthy cousins in the same governing class shall be allowed to bring in the same Parish Councils Bill; there is no party system in Ireland. The party system in England is an enormous and most efficient machine for preventing political conflicts. The party system is arranged on the same principle as a three-legged race: the principle that union is not always strength and is never activity. Nobody asks for what he really wants. But in Ireland the loyalist is just as ready to throw over the King as the Fenian to throw over Mr. Gladstone; each will throw over anything except the thing that he wants. Hence it happens that even the follies or the frauds of Irish politics are more genuine as symptoms and more honourable as[Pg 32] symbols than the lumbering hypocrisies of the prosperous Parliamentarian. The very lies of Dublin and Belfast are truer than the truisms of Westminster. They have an object; they refer to a state of things. There was more honesty, in the sense of actuality, about Piggott's letters than about the Times' leading articles on them. When Parnell said calmly before the Royal Commission that he had made a certain remark "in order to mislead the House" he proved himself to be one of the few truthful men of his time. An ordinary British statesman would never have made the confession, because he would have grown quite accustomed to committing the crime. The party system itself implies a habit of stating something other than the actual truth. A Leader of the House means a Misleader of the House."

I did not vote for Obama, because I had no doubt about who he really was. I still continue to pray for him. The main reason I vote against him was abortion, even the little that republicrats do is still less death. More life is more life. In that sense my concience would not let me vote for him. Neither side was really going to bring change. But in another sense I am relieve McCain lost, the pretense of the Republicans would have continued, the hypocrisy would be more than I could take. Obama is only being true to himself and his party.
The last point I would like to make is better made by Chesterton in the above quote. Neither party really wants change. What we are really getting is more power to Hudge and Gudge and less for Jones.

I recently finished "The Napoleon of Notting Hill" and am encouraged that we need to work local, Distributism is so important, it is the answer. Real change will not come from Washington, small and local is the answer.

Notting Hill !!!!


Anonymous,  Monday, February 9, 2009 at 9:29:00 PM CST  

I couldn't disagree more. Obama is being true to the megalomaniacs of the Trilateral Commission that run him. He is even more of a sock puppet than Bush was for the Neocons. Throw in his pro-death policies and he is a disaster waiting to happen.

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