Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Paleocrat Tribune's New Site

The Paleocrat Tribune has created a new site. The idea was to consolidate our YouTube, Paleo Radio and The Paleocrat Tribune. The new site contains a blog (most of the blogs from our previous site have been transferred, though without the comments). It includes a comment section, podcast capabilities, links, contact information, as well as photo and video storage. It even has a quote from John Medaille on the Front Page!

So please, visit the site and tell us what you think. Contact us. Leave comments on the blog. Subscribe to the RSS and Podcast Feed (which will be quite active shortly). Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Learn Distributism. Love Distributism. Live Distributism.

Jeremiah "Paleocrat" Bannister
Editor of The Paleocrat Tribune and host of Paleo Radio


  1. Greetings,

    Actually, I am not responding to this specific post, but I have general question. If someone has NEVER heard of distributive economics, but is interested, where do they begin? Is there a book, CD, talk etc. that would be a good introduction? Where does one start? I am taking a 36 lecture course on Capitalism, and I am finding what is on this page interesting.


  2. My first book on the topic was Distributist Perspectives Vol. 1. I picked it up from IHS Press. They now have a Vol. 2, but I have not read it.

    The book being written by John Medaille from this site is very, very good. It is not complete, but he is posting it chapter by chapter on this site. If you look in the archives, you can start from Chapter 1. Start from there, find the other chapters, and work your way through. Great stuff.