Final Details for "Catholicism and Economics" Debate

Dear friends,

Below are the complete details for this year's scheduled debate.

Whether you plan to attend or pass this information on to others, please take note: while the conference is free, advance registration is required.

News of this conference is already spreading and expectations are that this event will be well attended. To register, please review the contact details on this flyer.

Upon registering, those of you driving in will receive a parking permit in the mail.

A press release has been emailed to all our members, online and print media outlets, colleges and universities, as well as other organizations. If you have not received an email from us and are subscribed to our list, please contact us, as a few emails on the list have bounced back. If you wish to join our list, please email us with your city/state (or country).

The Society for Distributism will have a table at the conference with free literature. All who plan to attend should meet us at the table once the debate is over. We would enjoy meeting all of you.

Finally, if any need lodging suggestions or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

The form below may be emailed, enlarged (you can open it in a new window), scrolled, embedded, etc. We urge our readers to please consider using it for their respective websites.

We look forward to this event. Please pray for all of us and the success of our efforts.

In Domino,
Richard Aleman

Catholicism and Economics Conference


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